Tako Luka is what she is... and more stuff

"Used models: Masisi's Tako Luka and MahosMMDaccounts Germany"

I made this little clip for fun for some time ago when I got him! ^^

Also, Hana made a Germany model (and Prussia too)!!
You better check her/his Youtubeaccount
Because I love the models alot!

I want Austria, Prussia and Germany so bad!
Since Hana wrote these little requirements to get her/his models, this I have to admit this:

I can't edit models in PMD Editor well, and I promise badly that I won't edit, redistribute, or use a part of the model to make another model without the MMDmodel's owner's permission!
So I hopefully will ask Hana myself, but I'm not good with the Japanese language yet!! I hope to learn more japanese soon if I have enough time to get a Japanese-course (I'm from Sweden y'u know)

Hehehehehe! More of this!

As you guessed, more pics of Luka Megurine
Luka and her boyfriend - I guess
But this is the only pic I could offer (also I used MahosMMDaccounts Germany for this)

WTF happen to my mind!!

Luka goes Lady Gaga
I love the new version of Kio's Luka Megurine, very beautiful!
When I heard/saw this; a new idea of crossover pairing appeared to me
WTF happent to my mind! Heh, I guess it's kind of hilarious!
Oh, yeah! More pictures of this Luka will arrive!

A scared Pylori

I made this video, because I wanted to see how my PyloriRussia would react to Belarus!
Belarus model by Youtubeuser MahosMMDaccount

The World has opened

Hello everyone!
This is emmysailorstar; and I will be running a blog here about my fandom with different anime-series, TV-shows and so on.
My main favorite animeseries are: Sailormoon, Wedding Peach and Gundam Wing. And then there's other animeseries I like, but I would get bored to count them all.
My main favorite TV-shows are Star Trek - The Next Generation and Heroes
And I like lots of 80's bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran for an example.

About me:
I make artwork on the computer, and I like writing poems - but it's only when my heart says so.
You can find me on these sites as:

Gaiaonline: emmysailorstar
Youtube: emmychansuper
DeviantArt: emmystar
Tower of Time forums: emmystar
Valenth: emmystar
Multiply: emmychanstar
DragCave (both forums and scroll): emmystar

And now I've said it and done.

See you soon!
~~~~~~ emmysailorstar