MMD-theif on loose

That's right, the MMDmodel-theif is MelMelButtercup
First she redistributed Nanami's models, then ANOMARO's, then Piron's, after that LatMiku and now - LoveDeathMiku.
She putted all these models to Mediafire; which I think it's unecessary since all these models are on VPVP Wiki and Nicovideo.

Message to MelMelButtercup:
Take down all the links from Mediafire and put the link from VPVP Wiki and Nicovideo instead! Much easier and everyone's happy!!
If you still do that, then I think everyone will be pissed.

"Okay, I can understand if people are thinking I'm a troll because I'm amused by some of the stupid behavior. But because I refuse to succumb to the constant whining? I suppose by that logic, parents who don't listen to spoiled children are trolls too, eh?"
Seriously, your logic is not the best at all. Seems to me that the girl is spoiled.

So everybody, let's block her and then live a happy life


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