Tako Luka is what she is... and more stuff

"Used models: Masisi's Tako Luka and MahosMMDaccounts Germany"

I made this little clip for fun for some time ago when I got him! ^^

Also, Hana made a Germany model (and Prussia too)!!
You better check her/his Youtubeaccount
Because I love the models alot!

I want Austria, Prussia and Germany so bad!
Since Hana wrote these little requirements to get her/his models, this I have to admit this:

I can't edit models in PMD Editor well, and I promise badly that I won't edit, redistribute, or use a part of the model to make another model without the MMDmodel's owner's permission!
So I hopefully will ask Hana myself, but I'm not good with the Japanese language yet!! I hope to learn more japanese soon if I have enough time to get a Japanese-course (I'm from Sweden y'u know)


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