WTF?! History is repeating?!

Now history has repeated itself, thanks to a Facebookgroup called MMD East India Company. The group has redistrubuted models which isn't allowed to be redistrubuted, doesn't it remind you of something?
The Nanami-incident, when a Youtubeuser uploaded Nanami's models along with others models without permission.
It's clear that the history is repeating itself!!

Journal here about the exact information - click here

Blogentry about the Nanami-incident - Click here to read more

Other stuff
It was a long time since I wrote in this blog, and I got new favorites - Angry Birds.
A hilarious app there you shoot birds against pigs with your slingshot.

And I'm saving up for buying SF-A2 Miki, to make more songs on my PIAPRO.
In case you didn't know - my PIAPRO is here to be clicked on. There's my musicproject's - Super Miksu's songs since I forgot the password to the MySpaceversion.

Bleh, I'm making MMDKnappnytt - which is a parody of Knappnytt in MMD-style with Neru, Haku, Haru and Natsu.
MMDKnappnytt can be searched on Youtube as well on Facebook!! A mailaddress is set for it as well... Only to make some laughs in the background of the dramas etc.

That's all for me today, tune in when more fun comes in.


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