Here we go again with old problems

Yes, the same old story with copyright
well, it was about the video I did to "Chocolate Disco" using cata's SFA2 Miki, m2Luka and Nanami's GUMI. The owners to the audio; "tokumajapan" didn't accept it. But this time it was very easy to solve. So I searched on Nicovideo for a VOCALOIDversion of the song and I found a Mikuversion of the song.
And it went through!!
Here's the video

The first time I encounterd that problem, it was an AMV using Erasure's song "Oh L'amour". So I had to delete it, what else could I do?
Well it's up on my Multiply-account:

Next time, I better be careful with the copyrights on Youtube.


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