Well, good news!

Yes, I have the ANOMARO Miku - the third version.

And I downloaded it from his site
And he putted a password on her. Personally I think it's the best model he ever did.
I hope that the little coward (you know who am talking about *points to the entry below this one*) who redistributed his models will be banned from Youtube (and Mediafire)
Thanks RubsSoul from dA for the Miku Append-pose! I had fun doing it! ^w^
If you want to download the Miku, you have to be very strict with giving her out to other hungry noobs. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE HER or else ANOMARO himself will go apeshit for that!

Other good news:
I found a stage at Nicovideo and it looks like this:

Isn't it beautiful? Let's take a little close up on the characters

Yes, a Mermaid Luka and Germany (of course *shot*)
For some reason I have the deviant Olympia-The-Hedgehog have awaken the interrest to draw mermans again! I gotta do an attempt to draw Germany. *insert evil laughter*

Also I'm working with Metaseq. The first model I did is a rock?

Yup, that looks like a rock.

A soapboat!

And here's a pink pearl, but since I don't have the fullversion - I cannot convert it to an X-file.

But the way, my goal to try to make Mochimerica and Mochiigrisu.
Well, maybe I'm mourning on the inside - but I try to have fun in life

And so finally...

The World is in Our Hands
I finally downloaded Hana's Germany!
(I will not tell you how I did it... and I will not give him out to someone else because it's Hana's rules and I will follow them)

For I will now introduce the first MMDvideo I made with him

(Seriously, Germany looks so OOC here! So I cannot help myself laughing)

For some reason; I heard Luka's Wash my blood which is very fitting to the pic I did!

So have fun and I'll back with more news!!

Tako Luka is what she is... and more stuff

"Used models: Masisi's Tako Luka and MahosMMDaccounts Germany"

I made this little clip for fun for some time ago when I got him! ^^

Also, Hana made a Germany model (and Prussia too)!!
You better check her/his Youtubeaccount
Because I love the models alot!

I want Austria, Prussia and Germany so bad!
Since Hana wrote these little requirements to get her/his models, this I have to admit this:

I can't edit models in PMD Editor well, and I promise badly that I won't edit, redistribute, or use a part of the model to make another model without the MMDmodel's owner's permission!
So I hopefully will ask Hana myself, but I'm not good with the Japanese language yet!! I hope to learn more japanese soon if I have enough time to get a Japanese-course (I'm from Sweden y'u know)