The World has opened

Hello everyone!
This is emmysailorstar; and I will be running a blog here about my fandom with different anime-series, TV-shows and so on.
My main favorite animeseries are: Sailormoon, Wedding Peach and Gundam Wing. And then there's other animeseries I like, but I would get bored to count them all.
My main favorite TV-shows are Star Trek - The Next Generation and Heroes
And I like lots of 80's bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran for an example.

About me:
I make artwork on the computer, and I like writing poems - but it's only when my heart says so.
You can find me on these sites as:

Gaiaonline: emmysailorstar
Youtube: emmychansuper
DeviantArt: emmystar
Tower of Time forums: emmystar
Valenth: emmystar
Multiply: emmychanstar
DragCave (both forums and scroll): emmystar

And now I've said it and done.

See you soon!
~~~~~~ emmysailorstar